Experience the profound impact of journaling as a vehicle for personal growth and empowerment with this 52-week journaling course. Embark on your transformative journey, armed with the wisdom and insight journaling bestows upon you. In this course, you will learn how to write in your journal and explore the creative practice of art journaling.

With the power of journaling guiding you, achieve a life free from shadows that obscure your path. Through the written word and expressive art, discover the key to shaping your destiny and embracing the incredible transformation that awaits within the pages of your journal. Your journey to self-discovery begins now.

Hi, I’m Irene Ekdahl

As a best-selling author and adjunct professor at University of California San Diego, where I also teach journaling classes, I am committed to guiding individuals on a journey of self-care and mental wellness through the transformative power of journaling. Additionally, I lead journaling workshops for former foster youth like myself at MiraCosta College, enriching their educational experience with tools for self-discovery and empowerment.

My personal journey began as a former foster youth and Mexican immigrant, where I emerged from adversity with unwavering resolve. Drawing from my diverse background, including a Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance, I founded the Remove Your Shadow™ brand and its accompanying online course.

Through Remove Your Shadow™, I empower individuals to confront their shadows and unlock their full potential. Join me on a transformative journey toward self-discovery and empowerment through the written word.

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Guided Transformation

With my expertise and personal journey as your guide, you'll embark on a transformative 52-week journey. Through structured prompts and lessons, we'll delve deep into your experiences, shedding light on hidden shadows and unlocking paths to personal growth and empowerment.


Experience a journey of personal growth and empowerment as you engage in weekly journaling exercises designed to illuminate your path, dispel shadows, and cultivate a deeper understanding of yourself.

Writing Empowerment

Through the written word, you'll discover the power to shape your destiny and break free from the shadows that obscure your path. Each journal entry becomes a step towards self-discovery and transformation, offering a tangible means to embrace your journey and unlock your full potential.

Empowered Journaler

"Journal, or Else" helped me truly understand who I am. What are my wants, needs, values, and desires. Structured exercises and art journaling provided valuable insights, organizational skills, and a deeper understanding of myself. Highly recommended for personal growth seekers.

CEO at Pretty Posh Lashes

Empowered Journaler

"Recommended to start journaling to manage my anger, 'Journal, Or Else' became my guiding light. This 52-week voyage not only equipped me with powerful tools for self-expression, but also served as a sanctuary where I could channel my emotions constructively. Through the structured prompts and exercises, I learned to confront and understand the root causes of my anger, gradually transforming it into a catalyst for growth. Week after week, the course empowered me to cultivate patience, empathy, and resilience in the face of adversity. Today, I stand not only as a dedicated journaler but also as a testament to the profound impact of 'Journal, Or Else?' on my journey to emotional mastery."

- Kevin

CEO at Carlsbad Mobile Mechanic


Irene Ekdahl, a savvy entrepreneurial business leader and Founder & CEO at RemoveYourShadow.com.

She is also a UC San Diego Adjunct Professor and graduate.
Ms. Ekdahl's own early life journey led her to recognize Personal Journaling as the most effective self-directed means of personal discovery and a fulfilled life, and why she will soon launch a course of instruction labeled ”Journal, or Else."

"Or else" leave your full life's potential behind.

- Steve Cranford

CEO at BOND globally